Monday, May 18, 2009

Bake Sale!!

What a perfect excuse to do a ton of baking, a bake sale! My husband Josh has one coming up at his work this week and I of course jumped at the chance to make lots of sweets so I could eat them and then get rid of them!!! Naturally not wanting to go overboard I decided to make chocolate chip toffee cookies (yes they are as good as they sound), peanut butter truffles, chocolate cake truffles and oatmeal cherry scones with lemon icing... that's not too much right????? If Kelly were here we'd be making twice as much!  Okay, so the bake sale is tomorrow - so far I have completed the cookies and the truffles.  Here are some pictures of the cookies...I know you want some!!!  I will upload the truffle pics in a separate posting.  Oh yeah - and here you can see my attempt at cursive piping with white chocolate - and just so you know - the heart stands for sisterly love people - Kelly and I are both happily married - to men! :-)

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